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I wish you a warm welcome to the series of workshops:

Cycles of nature through Old Slavic stories

Thematic workshops in which we explore the cyclical nature through its elements, seasons, parts of the day and human life, and tell stories about Slavic gods and beings .

In cooperation with:

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1st online workshop in the series / 15.05.2021. at 10 a.m.

 The search for the element of wind through Slavic gods and beings

 A workshop on the journey to the deeper meaning of mythical stories and heritage

In cooperation with:

Applications are complete

Who is this workshop for?


Illustrators, designers, photographers and other creatives who want to be inspired and creatively developed in order to transfer the acquired knowledge and insights into their artistic work.


Owners of rural farms, members of non-governmental organizations and employees in culture and tourism who can direct their branding with these stories and enrich the program and content they offer.


People who want to learn more about their roots and develop their lives in the direction of personal development through experiential learning and interaction .


And those stories that carry a taste of mythology, fairy tales, fantasies and magic , which broaden the horizons and bring to life new perspectives and possibilities.

What can I expect from the workshop?

You will learn about the concepts of heritage, mythology and cycles of nature that are related to the concept of elements of nature, seasons, parts of the day and stages of human life

You will listen to stories about the Slavic gods Stribog and Jaril, find out who dragon people and suffocators are and get acquainted with mythical creatures - dragons

With the help of road signs, you will discover the values of the elements of air and wind that can change the perspective on the experience of nature in everyday life.

Imagine how these stories of our heritage enrich your offer and the content of the product or service you offer by placing them in a broader natural and cultural context.

Imagine discovering that universal, local, and personal story are much closer concepts than they seem at first glance and how much they can ennoble you from within.

Who guides you through this journey?

Who guides you through this journey?

Who guides you through this journey?

Who guides you through this journey?


Kristina Vlaisavljevic


Graduated manager in culture at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade with a tourist guide 's license dedicated to the interpretation and management of cultural and natural heritage.

For the second year in a row, I am launching nature tours on the theme of legends and myths, and recently I have been creating audio stories with the same inspiration.

I finished a fairy tale storytelling seminar with Jasna Held , the only professional fairy tale narrator in Croatia.

I was involved in folklore as well as folklore workshops for tourists over 10 years , which through dance and music brought me closer to the national heritage and ancient cultural values.

In my free time I love to stare at the trees and breathe the mountain air.


Lorena Vlahovski

IG profile pic(8)(1).png

Once upon a time in Croatia

Graduated producer at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb and trainer of "soft" skills whose focus is the research of Slavic mythology, cultural heritage and the development of storytelling skills.

As a soft skills trainer , I have experience in conducting interactive educations that include 4 types of learning based on the following questions: “why?”, “What?”, “How?” and “what if?”, with special emphasis on the topics of presentation skills and storytelling .

I "honed" the role of host in an adventure called " cruise manager " on boats on the Adriatic coast where I led guests through a seven-day trip giving them a sense of security and connection with the beauties and cultural and natural heritage of the Croatian coast.

When I’m not researching myths and fairy tales, I like listening to gramophone records and dancing barefoot in the grass.

What awaits you at the workshop?

New date and duration of the workshop:

Saturday, May 15, 2021 , from 10.00 to 13.00


Past date and duration of the workshop:

Saturday, April 17, 2021, from 10:00 to 12:30

Workshop location: online, via the Zoom platform

Topics you will adopt

  • We will start with the introduction of basic concepts  heritage, mythology, cyclical nature and its elements (fire, water, earth, air / wind)

  • The story of Stribog or Stribor , the god after whom one of the most famous fairy tales IB Mažuranić is named

  • The story of Jaril , the Slavic god of vegetation and a traveler who brings spring to the world of people

  • The story of the dragon

  • The story of dragon people , sons of dragons

  • Who is a windmill ?

  • After the stories, we jointly explore the values of wind and its archetypal features

  • The workshop is imbued with interaction, fun and gamification in which the emphasis is on personal connection with our heritage and Slavic mythology


1. Certificate of participation,

2. List of recommended literature for additional research,

3. Summary of the workshop in the form of infographics

What do the participants say at our last workshop?

This workshop should be attended by anyone interested in any kind of mythology or history from the world. The old Slavs gave us “jobs” because they didn’t write down their knowledge and beliefs, but people who want to know more about them can do so at this workshop which will encourage them to explore further.

Lots of interesting and new information. Pleasant atmosphere, exercises, smiling, great energy. Just something you give yourself for yourself to relax, enjoy and listen to stories. All this information is great for creatives if they get a little stuck in their work because they are very inspiring and give us a new perspective on the elements around us.


The workshop was beyond my expectations. I don't know if I was more drawn to stories or original games or conclusions. What an interesting way to learn something and jump out of the comfort zone :) Thank you girls !!!

I would recommend these workshops to everyone, because in addition to being interesting, they also deal with very important topics for our area, which seem a bit forgotten. The lectures are very interesting and I love that they are interactive because we had a lot of fun and learned everything. My time has flown by, and I am an impatient person by nature, so I can only say one big BRAVO!






Applications are complete

Applications for the workshop last until 14.05. until noon.

See you at the workshop!



30 EUR

225 KN / 3540 RSD

(until 07.05. until midnight)


35 EUR

263 KN / 4130 RSD

Participation in an online workshop lasting 3 hours

Confirmation of participation

List of recommended literature for further research

Workshop summary in the form of infographics

"What if I see you again?" - coupon for 10% discount.

A recording of the workshop to which you can always return (recommended for those who want to use this workshop for their further professional work)



25 EUR

188 KN / 2943 RSD

(until 07.05. until midnight)


30 EUR

225 KN / 3540 RSD

Participation in an online workshop lasting 3 hours

Confirmation of participation

List of recommended literature for further research

Workshop summary in the form of infographics

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