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Once upon a time, and still today...


There lives one Lorena, a storyteller and interpreter of myths and fairy tales who, until 3 years ago, did not even think she could present herself like this.


From a young age, I identified with the title "good girls" which, upon entering high school and enrolling in a production at the Academy of Dramatic Art, got mixed up with a chronic addiction to control, actions, planning, and running for success according to my immediate and wider environment. I became modern goodness Athena who unknowingly escaped into male energy, separated from her body, and drowned in "hustle" culture. The good side of that whole phase was awakening a deeply dormant entrepreneurial spirit, but the price was (too) high. My body has said "NO" to this direction of life at least 123 times by sending messages in the form of autoimmune (Crohn's) disease symptoms, but I persisted. ignored as much as I could and I didn't stand still (except when I was forced to).

Admittedly, somewhere deep inside I crouched a little Lorena who adored dance, watching the show "On the Edge of Science" and exploring all the mystical secrets of ancient civilizations, but she rarely went public. I escaped into the world of imagination, fantasy, and romantic, but distorted images of reality, to cope with the "difficult reality" more easily - at least for a moment.  I felt like the "Ugly Duckling", inadequate, strange, and unaccepted - primarily by myself, and then by others.


In 2018, I did not go to lectures on Slavic mythology,

In the bookstore in December 2019, I intuitively chose the book "Women Who Run with the Wolves", and then a few months later, in March 2020 Corona knocked on our door and I found myself in front of a never-before-seen situation called "I have nothing to do (and now what?)".

3 key moments that directed my life in a completely unexpected new direction, guess which one!

So in June 2020, I started creating the worldOnce upon a time in Croatia which is now home to over 4,100 lovers of myths and ancient fairy tales.Everything started from the topic of Slavic mythology, which I carefully researched in booksVitomir Belaj, Radoslav Katičić and other greats of this heritage, and then "packaged" them into drinkable, short and understandable stories intended for every cultural enthusiast and those who feel the call of their ancestors. As a Croat with traces of Czech blood, Slavic mythology for me meant returning to my roots and discovering that foreign mythology that is not taught in school (and should be, in my opinion). I firmly believe that we deserve to know our spiritual heritage and not allow the folklore to fall into oblivion.

In the meantime, I continued to follow my intuitive voice and a series of synconics that brought me world mythologists and Jungian psychoanalysts such asMaria Souiza, Sharon Blackie, Faranak Mirjalili (Anima Mundi School) and Clarisse Pinkole Estes with the help of which I deepened my knowledge about the interpretation of myths and fairy tales, the symbolic meaning of their motives and characters, and the most important thing - I gradually discovered the personal definition of the phrase "being yourself".

And learning fromJasna Held, our most famous Croatian storyteller I myself discovered the storyteller in me, so today I no longer say to tell stories, but to narrate them, the way our elders used to do. And for me it became the main onehealing therapy, for yourself and others.

Now my mission is to be your help and support on the path of healing your soul, true contact with yourself and awakening your original imagination and creativity. And all that withmyths, fairy tales and nationalin tradition - a collection of ancient stories that are not only for small children, but are a universal, archetypal tangle of lifeh true isignposts wisely packaged through symbols and metaphors.

That's why I create female mythical encounters inspired by the book "Women Who Run With Wolves", a podcast"Tales by the fire", e-books, storytelling evenings, lectures, workshops and women's circles. I was part of many collaborations and went on various guest appearances all over Croatia so that together we could dive into the world of myths and fairy tales so that our souls would float to the surface and accept all the colors of this life.

And you know what? I can't wait for whatever comes next. Because from now on, we walk this mythical path together, holding hands. And that way it's easier, more connected and more fun.


How can I help you, be a support and an inspiration for you?

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