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Would you like to open the door to inner wisdom through these two types of archetypal stories?

Find out how through 2 of my gifts for you:
1. The first 50 minutes is freevideo lecture "Fundamental principles of interpretation of myths and fairy tales"in which I tell you:

  • What is a myth and what is a fairy tale?

  • What are the main differences between these archetypal stories?

  • What are the 3 keys to the interpretation of myths and fairy tales?

  • What are the additional tools, techniques and methods in working with these kinds of stories?

2. It is the second e-book "Get to know yourself through the tree of Slavic gods - Perun, Veles and Mokoš"where you can meet the most famous triad of gods of Slavic mythology

In addition to the mentioned gifts, through the Once upon a time Newsletter (which I like to call letters), I will periodically share with you exclusive stories, the latest information and content that you can find out before anyone else and that I do not share anywhere else.

Your data was sent successfully. Check your mailbox and download the gifts. Thank you for becoming part of the Once upon a time in Croatia community.

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