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Once upon a time in Croatia_mitski paket

Digital package

Find yourself in the fairy circle of Slavic goddesses and beings

A magic box that takes you to the world of Slavic mythical stories!

The content you read, listen to and fulfill and at the same time connects you with the Slavic Maro, Moran, Mokoš, the villa and Baba Jaga through universal female archetypes


In short and clear - because I love researching Slavic mythology and studying archetypes . With this e-book, which is the main backbone of this digital package, I merged these two loves into one, and I passed the most famous Slavic goddesses and beings through the filter of world female archetypes, keeping in mind that the content is drinkable, interesting and interactive .


When I read JS Bolen's book "Goddesses in Every Woman" which tells the story of female archetypes through the Greek pantheon of goddesses, I thought: "It would be great if something like that existed with Slavic mythology as well". As a result of that thought, the first book (s) of this package was created, which I then enriched with an audio version of the mythical stories of Mara, Morana, Mokoš, vila and Babe Jaga .


All with the aim of briefly (re) moving away from this reality and diving deeper into the magical world of mythical characters of our Slavic heritage.

© Paradoxalen


She wants to get to know Slavic mythology more deeply through female deities and mythical beings


She wants to connect with universal female archetypes (Virgin, Mother, Old Woman, Wild Woman ...) through the Slavic heritage of folklore


She wants to discover and become aware of what her dominant female archetype is


Wants to know the power of women's circles 


He feels attracted to myths and fairy tales as tools for personal development


He feels love for the past of our ancestors; how they lived and how they experienced the world around them


He loves to read and listen to stories and with their help he travels to the world of imagination


She loves the book "Women Running with Wolves" and books on similar topics

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Did you find yourself in any of these descriptions?

What awaits you in this digital package?

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E-book on 70 pages where you will meet Maro, Moran, Mokoš, the fairy and Baba Jaga, their mythical and archetypal story and characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Each of them has a special message for you, questions and a task for self-reflection to find out which of these goddesses or beings predominantly lives in you. There are also my diary entries with reviews of each of them so that I can see through example how awareness of archetypes works in practice.

Ready-to-print worksheets to help you dedicate yourself to writing and completing assignments and answering questions


5 audio stories representing the goddesses or beings themselves. Their mythical story is also written in the book, but in this way it is revived more deeply, so you will feel it better. And an added plus is that you can listen to voice performances regardless of the book, when and wherever you want.

Invitation to the closed Facebook group "Fairy Women's Circle" where we gather a community of strong women and their stories who like to gather, support and understand each other and be inspired by Slavic mythology, customs, stories and archetypes (this Facebook group is for women only)

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If you buy the package by March 17, 2022, you will also receive a free 1 on 1 consultation lasting 30 minutes, where together we will discover your Slavic archetype from the book with the help of additional questions and conversations.

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How can you enjoy the package to the fullest?

By reading


By listening



Are you ready to open the door to a magical world full of Slavic mythical goddesses and beings?
They are waiting for you patiently.

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The digital package "Find yourself in the fairy circle of Slavic goddesses and beings" contains:

An e-book of seventy (70) pages

Worksheets in a PDF document

Five (5) audio stories

Unlimited membership in the Facebook community "Fairy Women's Circle"

1 on 1 Zoom consultation lasting 30 minutes


You can pay as much as you think the whole package is worth, and its minimum price is 130.00 kuna or 17.00 euros.

Payment can be made via Pay Pal account, credit or debit card.

You receive all materials immediately after purchase.

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