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Through circles of stories and work with world fairy tales, Slavic myths , archetypes and folklore, I want to help young and old creatives, heroes who strive for personal growth and story lovers to create a life full of meaning and significance, develop their creativity and imagination and strengthen their original identity. .

Create a proactive community of inspiring, creative and authentic souls who nurture the Slavic spiritual heritage and wisdom of archetypal stories through integration with their daily lives and deep, fulfilling relationships.

  1. Ethics and responsibility in action and business

  2. Transparent, open and honest communication

  3. Connecting theory and practice through interactivity and experiential learning

  4. Caring for others and nature

  5. Co-creation and collaboration

  6. Creating a harmonious community for the benefit of the individual and the whole

Image by Vincent van Zalinge
  1. INSPIRING and EDUCATING about Slavic mythology, for new ideas and perspectives that you can apply in everyday life.

  2. LEARN something new about the hidden connection between the universe and man.

  3. MOTIVATE you to research this topic yourself and share it with others

  4. CREATE EXPERIENCES in a natural and relaxing environment that will enable connecting, empowering, educating and telling stories

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